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​Our Story...

#LOVE Story

Simple .

We love everyone ! 

Share and hashtag people and things you LOVE !


YOUR Story
Tell us what you love thru pictures on your social media platforms.

Spread the LOVE

We are living in times where #LOVE needs to be shared daily. Think about the impact we have when we care and love each other. Social media can make or break this world...... I choose to make it better  !  How do we do this ?????

Simple............  SHARE, SPREAD, and POST your love ! #LOVE

It's really that simple.

Modern Love
Predator's Love

Founder, Rick McNeely


Rick McNeely is an award winning radio DJ in the Dallas Ft Worth area. For over  10 years, Rick has entertain guest on the Fishbowl Radio Network in Arlington TX. He has won several broadcasting awards including "Show of the Year" in 2021. You can listen to his show , Alley Rally, every Wednesday @ 1 pm cst on the network !

Rick is also the creator of many holidays including National Selfie Day, National BBQ Day, National  Rum Day, National Hamburger Day and of course, #LOVE Day.

#LOVE  is the most used hashtag online and on EVERY social media platform. Now, you have a day to show and share LOVE.  We need more than a day........we need EVERYDAY TO LOVE EVERYONE  !

Welcome to the official  #LOVE holiday.

Please follow the link for all of Rick's  holidays. 

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